Much more than surveillance


Guarding is more than just monitoring. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to protect people and property from intrusion, theft, vandalism and other potential threats.

More than just a physical presence, our guards are experienced, vigilant professionals who adapt to your specific needs. They make regular rounds, control access and intervene quickly in the event of an incident.

The RGS Guarding service offers you :

Peace of mind:

You can rest assured that your possessions and loved ones are in safe hands.

Optimum protection:

We implement security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Professionalism and expertise:

Our guards are trained and experienced to handle any situation.

Responsiveness and efficiency:

We respond quickly to incidents to minimise damage.

State-of-the-art technology:

We use the latest security technology to ensure optimum surveillance.

The RGS Guarding Service is the ideal solution for :


Protect your industrial sites, offices and stocks.

Private individuals:

Secure your primary or secondary residence, valuables and loved ones.

Event organisers:

Ensure the safety of your participants and facilities during your events.

Private and public organisations:

Protect private and public buildings and sensitive areas.

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More Than Just Transportation

Escorting funds and sensitive products

Escorting money and sensitive products is more than just transport.

More than just a physical presence, our escorts are highly trained professionals experienced in handling sensitive situations. They are trained in security techniques and the handling of sensitive goods, and have the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of your convoy.

RGS Cash and Valuables and Sensitive Goods Escort Service offers:

Optimal Security

We design a customized transport plan based on the nature and value of your assets, considering potential risks and selecting the safest routes.

Professionalism and expertise

Our escort agents are trained and experienced to handle any situation, including emergencies.

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

We Track the progress of your assets in real-time with a GPS tracking system.

Discretion and Confidentiality

We guarantee the confidentiality of your information and adhere to the strictest security protocols.

RGS Cash and Valuables and Sensitive Goods Escort Service is ideal for:

Cash and Valuables Transportation:

Ensure the safety of your cash, checks, jewelry, precious stones, and other valuables.

Sensitive Goods Transportation

Protect your pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, IT products, or any other goods requiring special handling.

Art and Collectibles Transportation

Secure your artwork, antiques, and other fragile and valuable items.

It is a safe and reliable solution for getting your valuable and sensitive goods to their destination, minimising the risk of theft, loss or damage.

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Beyond Procedures and Plans

Security Audit and Consulting

Security audit and consulting goes beyond simply verifying your procedures and defense plans. It’s a comprehensive and proactive approach designed to assess your security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and propose practical solutions to strengthen your protection against threats and risks.

More than just a report of observations, our security experts partner with you throughout the audit and consulting process, adapting to your specific needs and considering your environment.

RGS Security Audit and Consulting offers you:

In-depth analysis of your security posture

We evaluate your procedures, defense plans, facilities, and human resources to identify strengths and weaknesses in your security system.

Concrete and personalized recommendations

We propose pragmatic and context- specific solutions to address security gaps and enhance your level of protection.

Tailored support

We assist you in implementing the recommended solutions and provide technical and educational support throughout the process.

Holistic view of security

We consider all aspects of security, including physical security, personnel security, asset security, and information security.

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Royal Guarding and Security (RGS), a leading security and guarding company Holder of a type (C) license, issued by the Algerian Ministry of the Interior.

RGS offers its services throughout the Algerian national territory. We are proud to provide high-quality security solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Our highly trained and qualified team provides bespoke security services tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and develop a comprehensive security solution that addresses their unique circumstances.

Our services include property surveillance, physical security, access control, patrols, and detailed security activity reports.
We are committed to ensuring the safety of your property and providing you with the highest quality of service.


Entertainment areas

Transport and logistic companies

Hotels and resorts

Oil and gas wells

Shopping Centers

Construction Workshops

Schools and training centres

Public and private administrationse

Events and shows

Banking institutions

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Ports and maritime facilities

Hospitals and health care centres

Public transport

Events and cultural centres


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B.P N° : 297A Dar El Beida, Alger

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